Daily Archives: 04.11.2007

Installing PureFTPd with MySQL Backend on Gentoo

The FTP accounts will be stored in a mysql database table.  First let's install pureftpd: USE="pam ssl mysql" emerge pure-ftpd Once the installation is finished, there are 2 main configuration files in /etc/conf.d:   /etc/conf.d/pure-ftpd IS_CONFIGURED="yes" # the server won't start up if set to "no" SERVER="-S 21" # server port MAX_CONN="-c 30" # maximum number […]

ProFTPd with MySQL Backend on Debian

First of all we install the needed packages: apt-get install proftpd proftpd-mysql mysql-server The configuration files of the proftpd server are in /etc/proftpd.   First we edit the file /etc/proftpd/modules.conf and insert/uncomment the following lines: LoadModule mod_sql.c LoadModule mod_sql_mysql.c   Then we should create the mysql database and the table that will contain the proftpd users: CREATE DATABASE […]

SFTP Server with chroot on Debian

On Debian Etch, if you want to have a chroot'ed environment, a simple way to implement this is using mySecureShell. First we need to install some dependancies: apt-get install libssl0.9.7 ssh openssh-server   Then we install mySecureShell itself: wget https://www.devops.zone/wp-content/uploads/attachments/mysecureshell_0.95_i386.deb dpkg -i mysecureshell_0.95_i386.deb Now, to activate the new shell for a user, to have to modify the […]