Daily Archives: 03.10.2009

Clamassassin as Antivirus Solution with Maildrop, Courier and Postfix   Recently updated !

First of all you need to install the needed packages: apt-get install clamassassin clamav clamav-freshclam clamav-daemon clamav-base Supposing that you use maildrop, you just have to edit the file /etc/courier/maildroprc as follows: exception { xfilter "/usr/bin/clamassassin" if (/^X-Virus-Status: Yes/) { to /dev/null } } E-mails passed to maildrop will so directly be deleted if they're […]

Using DES/AES Encryption in Postfix Courier Configurations   Recently updated !

You can use AES or DES to encrypt your database passwords, used by Postfix and Courier. Of course, as AES and DES use a key to encrypt the password, the one who knows the key may decrypt it. You could also use Encrypt option to change this (to use MySQL's encrypt), but that's not available […]

Configure SMTP Auth in a Postfix/MySQL Configuration   Recently updated !

To make E-mail delivery work with SMTP auth using SASL, you have to create the folder /etc/postfix/sasl (if it does not exist yet) and add the two files smtpd.conf and smtp.conf, having the same content each: pwcheck_method: auxprop auxprop_plugin: sql mech_list: plain login sql_engine: mysql sql_hostnames: localhost sql_user: postfix sql_passwd: post sql_database: postfix sql_verbose: yes […]