Change the VLAN of a single port on your Cisco Switch

Telnet to your device (change the below IP to the IP of oyur switch): telnet Give your username, then type your password to login (replace admin): username admin Change to configuration mode: enable List available interfaces, lookup the one that you want to change (FastEthernet0/23 is an example): show interfaces … FastEthernet0/23 is up […]

Installing Chef 11 Server on Debian configuring knife

Having your Debian Squeeze installed you can install Chef Server 11 using the Ubuntu 10.10 package. You can get the package from The current version is 11.08. Before doing your installation, check that the hostname command is giving a fully qualified domain name. If not, you should modify the contents of /etc/hostname (example: and add the […]

Upgrading Proftpd from 1.3.3a to 1.3.3g on Debian Squeeze

As the current version of Proftpd has some important security problems and as Debian does not provide an updated package yet, the best way to patch Proftpd is to download the updated sources and create your own debian package. To do this we need to first install some needed packages: apt-get install autotools-dev fakeroot dh-make […]