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Installing dnsmasq on Mac OS X for local development

To install dnsmasq, you need to have installed homebrew first. Have a look at this article if you haven't got brew yet. You can install dnsmasq like this: brew install dnsmasq Next up, copy the configuration files and start dnsmasq: cp $(brew list dnsmasq | grep /dnsmasq.conf.example$) /usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf sudo cp $(brew list dnsmasq | grep […]

Emptying Caches on PowerDNS Server and Recursor

PDNS Recursor: Emptying the cache for a specific domain: rec_control wipe-cache example.net Emptying the cache overall: rec_control wipe-cache example.net Dump the current cache into a file: rec_control dump-cache /tmp/dns-cache PDNS Server: Show current cache statistics: pdns_control counts Delete the cache for a specific domain: pdns_control purge example.net Delete the cache overall: pdns_control purge

Setup a bind9 master domain on Debian

In this howto I'm going to domonstrate how to setup: apt-get install bind9 The above command will install the necessary packages. The folder /etc/bind/ should then contain: db.0 db.127 db.255 db.empty db.local db.root named.conf named.conf.local named.conf.options rndc.key zones.rfc1918 To have a clear structure we're going to create the zones folder: cd /etc/bind/ && mkdir zones Now […]

DNS Load Balancing

There are different types of load balancing: One variant would be a software load balancer (for example ipvsadm), which would be running on an extra server, which would be between the webservers and the WAN. The load balancer in this case is controlling which request is forwarded to which machine. If you don't want to […]