Clamassassin as Antivirus Solution with Maildrop, Courier and Postfix

First of all you need to install the needed packages: apt-get install clamassassin clamav clamav-freshclam clamav-daemon clamav-base Supposing that you use maildrop, you just have to edit the file /etc/courier/maildroprc as follows: exception { xfilter "/usr/bin/clamassassin" if (/^X-Virus-Status: Yes/) { to /dev/null } } E-mails passed to maildrop will so directly be deleted if they're […]

Integrate Spamassassin into Courier-Postfix Installations using Maildrop

This tutorial works great in combination with the Courier-Postfix howtos on this website. I'm using maildrop to filter incoming mails coming in from Postfix and then deliver them to Courier. First of all we need to change the file /etc/postfix/ (any existing maildrop line must be removed): maildrop unix – n n – – pipe   flags=DRhu […]