Monitoring systems such as Nagios, Munin, etc.

Distributing Nagios checks on multiple nodes

With a growing number of checks on a nagios installation, you may think about distributing check to other nodes because your server is just getting overloaded. This tutorial is working on Debian based distributions. On others the paths and package names may vary. On your Nagios Host: First install the gearman-job-server: apt-get install gearman-job-server Then […]

Monitor Cron service using Monit

You can monitor the execution of your cron jobs using Monit. The installation of Monit is quite simple: apt-get install monit Then create a cron job that creates a temporary file every minute: * * * * * touch /tmp/check_cron Finally create the cron check in the file /etc/monit.d/cron: check file check_cron with path /tmp/check_cron    […]