Copy a remote folder via FTP on the Linux command line using lftp

Install lftp using: apt-get install lftp To start off with connect to the FTP server: lftp Login to the FTP server via lftp: lftp> user yourusername Password: (Enter your password) As soon as you are logged in, you can list the remote folders using ls and list all available commands via help. Let's […]

Passing your password to ssh using sshpass

A quick note before starting: passing passwords in plaintext is highly discouraged for security reasons!! If you need to, be sure to secure your script! Installation on Debian: apt-get install sshpass Login to a ssh server with user tester and password 12345: sshpass -p '12345' ssh This also works with rync (but consider SSH […]

Connecting via SSH to Drac to reboot your server

Connect to the Dell Remote Access Controller (Drac) IP address via SSH. Then execute: racadm serveraction <action> whereas you replace <action> with one of the following: powerdown — Powers down the managed system. powerup — Powers up the managed system. powercycle — Issues a power-cycle operation on the managed system. This action is similar to […]