Sync file changes recursively to a remote host using lsyncd

First install lsyncd, on Ubuntu/Debian just like this: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install lsyncd There are some needed folders that are not automatically created: mkdir -p /etc/lsyncd /var/log/lsyncd Now let's take a sample file and copy it to /etc/lsyncd/lsyncd.conf.lua where lsyncd will automatically pick it up: cp /usr/share/doc/lsyncd/examples/lrsyncssh.lua /etc/lsyncd/lsyncd.conf.lua Here's a sample configuration: settings […]

Passing your password to ssh using sshpass

A quick note before starting: passing passwords in plaintext is highly discouraged for security reasons!! If you need to, be sure to secure your script! Installation on Debian: apt-get install sshpass Login to a ssh server with user tester and password 12345: sshpass -p '12345' ssh This also works with rync (but consider SSH […]