Install proprietary NVIDIA drivers on Fedora

In this tutorial I'll show the installation of the proprietary NVIDIA drivers on Fedora Core systems.

First of all, you need to download the drivers on the NVIDIA homepage:

Then you need to make it executable:

chmod +x

The filename may be different depending on the current version.



you can start the setup.

Now you just have to follow the steps and let the setup compile the kernel module.

After the installation has finished there's yet an important step to do:

Current versions of Fedora come with the Nouveau driver, which is by default activated. As this driver does not work together with the one we've installed, we need to deactivate it.

You can deactivate it by uninstalling the corresponding package via yum, or better, just by modifying a line in your boot loader.

To modify your bootloader, just edit /etc/grub.conf and search for the line starting with "kernel". On the end of the line you just add:


Save & Exit, then reboot.

On the next reboot – before Gnome, KDE or whatever interface you use – you should see the NVIDIA logo on your screen. This means, the driver has been successfully loaded.

To be really sure, you can use the command glxinfo on a console.