Mass Virtual Hosting with mod_rewrite RewriteMap and PHP

Here is a simple possibility to control a lot of virtual hosts using a simple PHP script to map them to the right path. First of all you need to make sure that mod_rewrite is loaded: a2enmod rewrite   Further we need these packages: php5-cli php5-mysql mysql-server   What we're doing now is a simple Url-Rewriting […]

Advanced Mass Virtual Hosting using mod_macro

On this site you'll find a tutorial on how to do a simple mass virtual hosting. Now we're going to add a little more complexity: Let's have a look at this macro: <Macro VHost $domain $document_root $open_basedir $auth $auth_user> <VirtualHost>   ServerName $domain   ServerAlias www.$domain   ServerAdmin admin@$domain   DocumentRoot $document_root   php_admin_value […]

Simple Mass Virtual Hosting using mod_macro

Given you have a lot of virtual hosts, usually you have a lot of configuration parts that are repeating. So why not creating macros for the different configurations that are possible and then using them for your hosts? To achieve this, we're using the apache module mod_macro which you can install on debian systems with: apt-get […]

XEN installation on CentOS 5.2

  OS installation: While installation the OS, in Anaconda you just have to choose "Virtualization". All relevant XEN packages and the corresponding kernel will then be installed automatically.   Installing XEN manually: You can install the packages by executing as root: yum install xen-kernel xen Before using XEN, you have to reboot to boot the new […]

Installing a windows image on a Linux Virtualbox Host

In this case we're installing Windows XP. 1. First create the new virtual machine in Virtualbox: VBoxManage createvm -name "WinXP" -register   2. Now we assign at least 512MB RAM, activate ACPI and configure the first boot device to be the cd/dvd device of your host. The network is for terms of simplicity left to […]

Virtual Vacation with Postfix and mySQL

There are several ways of creating auto-reply messages such as putting vacation files in to the user's home folders. This solution however is working completely with mySQL as backend. There is also a tutorial on this website which describes the installation of Postfix and MySQL, fitting together with this tutorial.   You firstly need the […]