Articles on virtualization solutions such as Virtualbox, Vmware, OpenVZ, etc.

Installing Cobbler 2.6.11 on Ubuntu 16.04

As it took me a bit to figure out, I'll quickly show in this tutorial how to install the latest version of Cobbler on Ubuntu. It may work in a quite similar way also on other linux distributions. First install the prerequisites: apt-get update apt-get install python python2.7 python-django python-netaddr python-yaml python-simplejson python-cheetah python-libvirt python-urlgrabber […]

Installing LXC on Debian Wheezy

First install the needed packages: apt-get install bridge-utils libvirt-bin debootstrap lxc   Then you have to mount cgroup: echo "cgroup  /sys/fs/cgroup  cgroup  defaults  0   0" >> /etc/fstab mount /sys/fs/cgroup   When executing lxc-checkconfig, you should get something like this: Found kernel config file /boot/config-3.2.0-4-amd64 — Namespaces — Namespaces: enabled Utsname namespace: enabled Ipc namespace: enabled […]

Control your VMs using ESXi CLI

For this to work you need to have SSH access enabled! List the Inventory: vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms The first column is the <vmid> needed for below commands. Check the power state of the virtual machine: vim-cmd vmsvc/power.getstate <vmid> Power-on the VM: vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on <vmid> Reboot the VM: vim-cmd vmsvc/power.reboot <vmid> This command shows all available VM options: vim-cmd vmsvc […]

Resolving repeating keys problem in vSphere Console

This problem is pretty annoying. You enter one letter in the vSphere console and it's repearing X times. You can resolve this problem in 2 ways: First of all power down your VM. 1. Manually:Edit your vmx file and add this line at the end: keyboard.typematicMinDelay = "2000000" 2. In vSphere: Right click on the virtual machine and […]

Setup LXC on Debian

I've tested this installation on Debian Wheezy, but it also works on older distributions (Squeeze etc.). You can install lxc including some needed components by executing: apt-get install lxc debootstrap bridge-utils lvm2 Then you should configure a bridge network interface in order to be used by your virtual machines. Therefore edit /etc/network/interfaces, comment out the […]

XEN installation on CentOS 5.2

  OS installation: While installation the OS, in Anaconda you just have to choose "Virtualization". All relevant XEN packages and the corresponding kernel will then be installed automatically.   Installing XEN manually: You can install the packages by executing as root: yum install xen-kernel xen Before using XEN, you have to reboot to boot the new […]

Configure a network bridge in virtualbox

That's how you can quickly create a network bridge for your Virtualbox, given your physical Virtualbox host is running on Debian: 1. Install the needed packages: apt-get install bridge-utils   2. Add the bridge to your network configuration in /etc/network/interfaces: auto br0 iface br0 inet dhcp bridge_ports eth0   3. Jetzt das Netzwerk neu starten mit […]